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Wiggle. Waddle. Wiggle. Waddle. Here we grow!

Each phase of childhood is unique. Ducklings’ childcare classrooms are designed with specific age groups in mind, providing a secure daycare environment for children to develop age-appropriate skills through exploration and play.

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Infants (6 weeks - 6 months)

Our littlest Ducklings can coo and quack in the warmth of our Infant room. Each baby is assigned their own crib, storage space and follows a parent directed schedule. Individualized learning plans are created for each baby depending on their own level of development and “lessons” such as tummy time, passing toys from hand to hand, beginner crawling are enjoyed throughout the day.

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Waddlers (6 months - 12 months)

At Ducklings we have two baby areas. The Waddler room is for older babies and runs the same as our Infant room. Waddlers are given the space to explore and develop at their own pace while our teachers support parents in introducing so many important Firsts like finger foods and first steps! Individualized Learning plans continue and teachers begin impromptu Circle Times to help baby prepare for their next step.

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Crickets (12 months - 18 months)

Just like their names, these little Crickets are hopping and chirping with their first dip in the School Pool. Our youngest toddlers are given plenty of space to develop those new gross motor skills. The Cricket room kicks off our academic program. Starting with our young 1’s, each class works through lesson plans based on a weekly theme.

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Caterpillars (18 months - 24 months)

Creeping, climbing, and always moving! Our older 1’s enjoy lesson plans that let them experience their surroundings through play and developmentally appropriate activities.

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Butterflies (24 months - 30 months)

Our Terrific 2’s are spreading their wings! Learning centers and a structured daily schedule create a safe space for our youngest 2 year olds to practice, test, and try out new skills so they learn to fly!

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Ladybugs (30 months - 36 months)

Our oldest toddlers are growing more and more every day! The Ladybug class adds early writing and language skills to their daily lesson plans and starts to dabble with potty training in a nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem and independence.

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Doodlebugs (young 3 year olds)

This is Preschool 101! Doodlebugs are preparing for preschool by perfecting life skills, following and participating in classroom rules, and learning to work cooperatively with their friends in an organized atmosphere.

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Honeybees (3 year olds)

Welcome to Preschool! Our bees are buzzing with excitement when it comes to learning. Our teachers incorporate multisensory learning activities designed to challenge and delight young minds. Ducks 3 years of age and older are invited to join in extra- curricular activities offered throughout the year.

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Jitterbugs (older 3’s - young 4’s)

Jitterbugs jump at the chance to explore new skills in an organized atmosphere that encourages cooperation and self-expression. Open ended discussions, predicting outcomes, and estimation are just a few of the skills that make Jitterbugs shine!

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Fireflies (4 year olds)

The Fireflies light up at the chance to try out new activities. Writing skills are highlighted and early reading is introduced. Learning centers utilize a variety of hands-on experiences designed to spark creativity and make our 4’s glow with pride.

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Dragonflies (Older 4’s - young 5’s)

This is the Big Time - Pre K! The children are more than prepared for the big school after life as a Dragonfly. Dragonflies are encouraged to problem solve, participate in classroom management, and work as a team while developing their own special personalities. This all important year is celebrated with a Preschool Graduation like no other!

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Kindergarden Katydids

Kindergarten is available to children who are 5 years of age by the birthdate determination set by their home school district. This is a full day program with no extra charge for before and after care. This small class of lucky children enjoy the benefits of enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities as well as the individual attention they need to continue to grow and learn at their own pace.

Providing your child with quality early education while encouraging kids to be kids.

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Summer Camp

We welcome children who have completed kindergarten through 2nd grade for The BEST SUMMER EVER!!!! Weekly themes, continued academics, and summer fun with plenty of outside space, air conditioned classrooms, and a full day schedule? Yes, please!