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Welcome to Ducklings’ Blog!

Ducklings’ teachers go home at the end of the day with more than glitter in their hair, paint under their finger nails, and a smile, (sometimes a tired one) on their face. They take with them hours of observation, developmental planning, and curriculum implementation. Our teachers have degrees in Education, are working on their degrees or certifications and better yet, they are hip-deep in children all day long which also makes them Care-Givers, First-Responders, Referees, First-Friends, Guidance Counselors, Role Models, etc… Long story short, we know a thing or two about kids!

Ducklings Blog Posts will be written or curated by Ducklings Educators. We welcome content suggestions and are happy to share information that you find important. Please pass it along to your Ducklings Center Director- they will take it from there.

Ducklings has done a lot in the 26 years that we have been around and we are happy to be able to share some of what we have learned along the way with you. We have grown from a tiny little school at Pond’s Edge to multiple locations and counting. We have watched babies grow and graduate college, former students are now Ducklings teachers, former teachers are now Ducklings parents. Thank you to Ducks everywhere for helping us build such a wonderful family. Once a Duck, Always a Duck!