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Outdoor Learning: Science

Outdoor Learning: Science

Don’t underestimate the value of outdoor learning! Today, we’ll focus on the SCIENCE of outdoor learning. We all know fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are benefits of playing outside. But, did you know outdoor learning can impact all areas of development? According to the North American Association for Environmental Education, “Previous research has demonstrated positive benefits of outdoor learning, beyond engagement and academic outcomes. When students were given unstructured time to play outside, classroom behavior often improved and teachers experienced easier classroom management. With such unstructured time outdoors, students may also develop positive environmental attitudes. Hands-on, experiential learning has also been linked to physical and emotional development, in addition to cognitive development.”

Try some of our favorite outdoor science activities!

Shadow Drawing

Outdoor Learning: Science 1

Nature I-Spy (Instructions here)

Outdoor Learning: Science 2

Nature Soup

Outdoor Learning: Science 3

Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt (free printable here)

Outdoor Learning: Science 4

Build a Simple Catapult

Outdoor Learning: Science 5

Lego Sun Prints

Outdoor Learning: Science 6

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