Ducklings Early Learning Centers


Children have a remarkable ability to learn. Through play, they discover how to make decisions and build relationships. Young children are enriched by connecting with others in a stimulating environment. They learn best when they are nurtured by their teachers and free to explore the things that they find interesting.

At Ducklings Early Learning Center, our strategy for child care and preschool education is driven by the children. Our carefully planned curriculum is composed around play with a focus on mind, body, heart ,and family. WE TEACH TO THE WHOLE CHILD.


Here We Grow! Curriculum is designed to address the many ways a child learns throughout their young life using multi-
sensory exploration and skill reinforcement that grows and adapts with each milestone. Ducklings’ teachers encourage imagination to help build thinkers instead of followers.

We celebrate every success so your child develops a love
of learning to last a lifetime. Kiss Your Brain!


Moving and grooving is a must for our Ducks! Our schools have large gymnasiums stocked with the works. Several outside play spaces means fresh air and room to run are on everyone’s daily schedule! Extra-curriculars like yoga, soccer, dance, and karate make it easy for each child to discover new talents.


There is so much more to early education than school skills. Ducklings wants to help raise good people, too. Self-esteem, manners, and cooperation are encouraged through lessons, play, and social situations. Charity collections and community engagement foster kindness and a sense of citizenship. Lots of parties and special events celebrate good, old-fashioned, FUN encouraging kids to find joy in every day!


Ducklings’ Families are the most important part of their child’s growth and development. We keep you in the loop with the help of several nationally recognized, web based programs for daily communication, skills assessment, and emergency contact. Daily procedures are streamlined and dependable – making drop off, pick up, and staying connected the easiest part of your day.

Several family events throughout the year help you to join in the fun and show your Duck how proud you are of them. You never know, moms and dads might even make some friends themselves!


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