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Ducklings Difference


At Ducklings Early Learning Centers, we hold the quality of our staff in the highest regard. As a women-owned and family-run establishment, with a corporate team of women who have been integral to Ducklings since its inception, our commitment to nurturing children is deeply rooted in our identity.

Our teaching team consists of dedicated full-time and part-time staff, diverse in education and degrees in early childhood learning. They are trained to understand how children learn and grow, and recognize the unique qualities in each and every child. They make each day exciting, enriching and best of all— the children love them!


Our Splash in the Pond


At Ducklings, we believe in teaching the whole child, placing play at the heart of our educational philosophy. Our carefully curated libraries and gyms complement our innovative “Here We Grow!” and “Off We Grow” Curriculums, creating a comprehensive approach that not only educates but also inspires the growth and development of each child entrusted to our care.


What truly sets us apart is the Ducklings Difference – our commitment to providing a distinct and personalized educational journey tailored to the individual needs of every little Duckling. Central to this commitment is our unique curriculum, “Shake A Tail Feather.” In our expansive indoor gym space, children engage in this proprietary gross motor program that seamlessly integrates with our weekly themes. Through fun and organized activities, we focus on developing balance, coordination, strength, and teamwork, fostering self-confidence, self-esteem, and a lifelong love for physical activity.

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At Ducklings, we understand that holistic development involves cognitive, social, and physical dimensions. With “Shake A Tail Feather” as an integral part of our approach, our little ones not only learn but also joyfully experience the benefits of gross motor play. As they wiggle and waddle through their delightful educational adventure with us, they embark on a journey that goes beyond traditional childcare, ensuring a foundation for a lifetime of learning and well-being.




icon Ducklings has provided a wonderful environment for my children to learn and grow. All NAEYC accredited centers are going to have a lot of the same basic components around curriculum, safety, etc, however I think there are a number of things that set Ducklings apart. The staff is highly creative and always has new and exciting things on the walls/art projects under way (being very left brained I'm thankful my kids are getting this stimulation). They have a gym which is great for giving kids a chance to run around in the middle of the winter. They also have a number of special events (PJ Day complete with breakfast for lunch, Super Hero/Princess Day, Valentine Dance, Summer Splash Days and more) without asking the parents to provide a lot of extra support (by way of money or time). We have taken advantage of the Soccer Shot Program and Oxford Dance Program that they offer during the school day which saves us from running around around so much in the evenings. Very happy with our experience!.icon
- Jackie Bonkoski
iconI can't say enough good things about the experience my family has had with Ducklings. Both of my boys have thrived there and I leave them each day knowing they are well taken care of. Every person on staff is kind and caring to my children regardless of whether or not they are their teacher. I couldn't imagine my kids being anywhere else. Ducklings is like family to them and to us.icon
- Loryn Furey
iconI love Ducklings! It's hard to decide where to start. It can be hard as a working parent to feel good about being without your child during the work week, but Ducklings is truly a place where children thrive. Our four year old is constantly surprising us with the new things that he learns during his days at Ducklings and our 16 month old is full of smiles and giggles when I pick him up in the afternoon. Each and every member of the staff, from management, to the teachers and helpers, are wonderful people (where do they find them!). Each week there is a new area of focus that the crew shapes into lessons, activities, artistic projects, and events. They kids play outside a great deal, including water play, riding around on bikes/scooters/trikes, and even parades. Their positive energy starts with the management, through teachers, staff and right into the kids. The vibe even extends to parents, who often become friends and who know the other children in their child's class by name. Way to go Ducklings! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all that you do for our boys!icon
- Erika Bove

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