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The Guide to Outdoor Activities for Your Child

Scheduling time for outdoor play is essential for your child’s well-being. Incorporating outside games and activities into their daily routine guides their development into healthy adolescents. By enrolling your little one in a supportive childcare center, you can ensure they receive ample time in fresh air. Here’s a brief overview on the importance of outdoor playtime for kids. 

Benefits of Outside Playtime for Children

Sun exposure is crucial to the formation of Vitamin D, which plays a major role in processes such as bone development and boosting the immune system. Encouraging outdoor playtime for kids guarantees they receive the recommended one hour of daily physical activity while reaping the benefits of fun under the sun. Experts also contend outdoor play enhances sensory skills and increases attention spans.

Enrolling kids in sports is an excellent way to make certain they’re partaking in healthy outdoor fun. This can raise their confidence and social skills while improving stability, balance, and coordination. Children can also sharpen their understanding of core subjects like mathematics and science, as well as art electives, from engaging with the natural world. For example, you can play math games at home with sidewalk chalk to illustrate adding and subtracting or more complex concepts. Another idea is identifying local plants and drawing or painting them. Families can foster appreciation and a desire to conserve precious resources from a young age.

Ducklings Early Learning Center’s daycare curriculum integrates outdoor playtime with multi-sensory activities designed to foster lifelong learning and creative growth. Ducklings’ highly-trained teachers encourage children to explore the world around them with a focus in mind, body, heart, and family. Students can look forward to activities such as growing their own garden, yoga, soccer, natural science experiments, and more. To learn more information about our childcare centers, visit our homepage.

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