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The Benefits of Daycare for Children and Parents

Even if a reputable daycare center provides a welcome reprieve for working parents, it can still be difficult to consider dropping off little ones for the day. However, numerous studies have found children can receive long-term emotional, academic, and physical health benefits by attending high quality early learning programs. Here’s more information on the positive effects daycare centers can have on families.

How Daycare Benefits Children 

1. Creates Routine

Clear and predictable routines give children a sense of security. Daycare offers structured activities in a positive, safe environment, allowing children to learn patterns, improve language development, and build the confidence they need to learn and play. Structured activities such as designating times for eating, playing, and napping also help shape a child’s understanding of social cues and learn positive behaviors, which benefits parents as well. 

2. Improves Socialization

Childcare centers are an ideal setting for fostering early socialization. Kids can learn the foundations of effective communication by being surrounded by other children and interacting with skilled educators. Daycare offers opportunities to learn about sharing, conflict resolution, empathy, and celebrating differences in background and ability. In turn, kids will feel more confident and comfortable in social situations moving forward. 

3. Nurtures Play Skills

Children learn best through play. Teachers in early childcare centers provide age-appropriate, engaging toys and materials that guide children toward higher-level critical thinking and creativity. Storytime, role playing, crafts, structured games, and other activities help to expand kids’ imaginations and find unique solutions to different scenarios. 

4. Enhances School Readiness 

Children who attend early learning programs typically have an easier transition into Kindergarten. Teachers use structured activities to introduce novel concepts in a fun way while instilling a schedule. Not only is the transition easier, but they often have more of the skills needed for school success as well. The Economic Opportunity Institute reported “Research has found that upon starting kindergarten, children who completed preschool programs were significantly more advanced in key areas of development—language and literacy, creativity, music and movement, initiative, and social skills. They are more eager to learn and try new things, and they get along better with their classmates.” 

How Parents Can Benefit From Daycare

1. Gives a Peace of Mind

High-quality daycares have caring, experienced staff. Childcare centers have strict guidelines about health and safety and are inspected at least once per year. Parents can rest assured that their children are in capable hands throughout the day.

2. Establishes a Support Network

It takes a village to raise a child. Daycare centers offer daily contact with teachers and connections with other parents so parents can receive ample support in and out of the classroom. For example, at Ducklings, we do parent-run events like Trunk or Treats where parents connect and work together to create a fun day for the kids. 

3. Fosters Independence 

Many daycares focus on self-help skills such as self-feeding, dressing, potty training, and more. Learning how to be independent not only helps parents, but it also creates more confident children! Kids can practice skills in a secure environment and learn a sense of self-reliance that they can tap into for the rest of their lives. 

4. Offers a Better Understanding of Your Child’s Development

As a parent, it can be tough to keep track of developmental milestones. You may wonder “What should my child be able to do at this age?” At Ducklings, we provide annual child assessments to help you understand age-appropriate skills and goals. Families can then better comprehend how to best nurture their children’s development moving forward.

If you’re searching for a high-quality daycare center in PA, turn to Ducklings Early Learning Center. Children can look forward to fun, themed enrichment activities, outdoor play, and socialization with their peers. Students are engaged in an age-appropriate childcare curriculum in a safe, compassionate environment. For more information on specific daycare center locations, visit our website today.