Ducklings Early Learning Centers


Our Approach to Childcare – Teaching the Whole Child

Selecting a childcare center is an important and sometimes overwhelming decision for many parents, and that’s understandable. There are many questions to ask and things to consider, the most important being “How will they teach and care for my child?” At Ducklings Early Learning Center we are an NAEYC accredited daycare program, and our curriculum is composed around play with a focus on mind, body, heart, and family.

How is the mind nurtured? 

Children are exploring and discovering the world around them through all their senses. We encourage that by giving them multi-sensory play-based learning opportunities throughout their day. As they grow and adapt, they will experience new and fascinating ways to keep reinforcing that love of learning. We love to cheer on their discoveries! We provide a preschool education that’s playful and fun so it doesn’t even feel like learning.

How do we focus on the body?

Our little Ducklings like to move it and shake it, and we do too! Our gymnasiums are fully stocked with fun indoor activities to zoom out extra energy and get some exercise. We encourage outdoor play as long as the weather allows – fresh air and space to run are a winning combination. We also offer additional activities like yoga, soccer, dance, and karate so the children have ample opportunities to explore new skills. Childcare education is much more than just learning the alphabet. Physical activities help with endurance, balance, coordination, and muscle strength. We like to make it fun.

How do we focus on the heart?

It’s important to raise up kind people, so we make sure we also focus on self-esteem, manners, and cooperation. We do this not only by example, but also through play and social situations. We help each other and our neighbors. Our Ducklings participate in charity collections and social engagement to help them feel connected to their community, which in turn raises up good citizens.

What is the focus on family? 

Your child’s world revolves around family–it’s the biggest part of their growth and development. We have a number of nationally recognized web-based programs to keep you up-to-date on daily communication and skills assessments, as well as emergency contacts. Drop-off and pick-up are streamlined to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you AND your child. We also have several family-friendly events each year so your little Duck can show off their friends and all they have learned.

If you’re searching for a high-quality daycare center near Philadelphia, turn to Ducklings Early Learning Center. Children can look forward to fun, themed enrichment activities, plentiful outdoor playtime, and socialization with their peers. Our well-trained teachers encourage children to explore the world around them with a focus on mind, body, heart, and family. Families can feel confident that students are engaged in an age-appropriate daycare curriculum in a safe, compassionate environment.