Ducklings Early Learning Centers


Understanding Developmental Milestones

Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are all important milestones. Children are learning them every day whether they realize it or not. Each age has a set of milestones that are necessary for development, and it’s a good idea to make sure that your childcare center is fostering an environment that encourages these.

Daycare-aged developmental milestones very depending on each child, but here at Ducklings Early Learning Center we have made sure each classroom provides growth opportunities. From our Butterfly room to our Kindergarten Katydids, every child has a chance to blossom.


Infant development milestones include rolling over, moving things from one hand to another, drinking from a sippy cup, and pulling up to stand. They babble, laugh, and clap too. Our Waddlers are given the space to explore and develop at their own pace while our teachers support parents in introducing so many important Firsts like finger foods and first steps! Individualized Learning plans continue and teachers begin impromptu Circle Times to help baby prepare for their next step.

Somewhere between the first and second year, children learn to mimic gestures, plays pretend, waves goodbye, and learns to scribble. These are all fun and exciting things to master for our little ones, and our teachers and staff encourage such milestones every day. Our classrooms have crayons for scribble projects and lots of fun games that incorporate imagination and hand movements. We care for the whole child and these developmental stages are important.


Toddler development milestones are broad because so much happens between the ages of 2-3. These little ones are ready to tackle the world and be Big, so there’s a lot of language development, running and kicking, and beginning to include other children in play. Our Ladybug class adds early writing and language skills to their daily lesson plans and starts to dabble with potty training in a nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem and independence.

We also make sure to give them a safe space so they feel comfortable and confident practicing and testing out new skills. Our teachers guide and support along the way as they continue to grow!


Pre-school development milestones are amazing to watch unfold. They are starting to learn letter and number recognition, the correct way to hold a pencil, how to use scissors, and a greater mastery over potty training.

Our daycare center offers a play-based curriculum which provides all our little Ducklings with the joy of free play while allowing them to connect authentically with the content. For our preschool Jitterbugs, we offer them a chance to explore new skills in an organized atmosphere that encourages cooperation and self-expression. Open-ended discussions, predicting outcomes, and estimation are just a few of the skills that make Jitterbugs shine!

Developmental milestones are important throughout all stages of childhood, the first five years being the most essential. At Ducklings Early Learning Center, we are equipped to nurture these milestones in each and every classroom to ensure whole child learning.