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Children's Routine During Holidays

10 Ways to Ease Holiday Stress for Your Children

At Ducklings Early Learning Center, we understand that the holiday season, while filled with joy and celebration, can also be a source of stress for families, especially those with young children in daycare or childcare. To help our families navigate this festive yet busy time, we’ve put together some thoughtful strategies to help reduce holiday stress.

Plan ahead for childcare needs

The holiday season often brings changes to regular schedules, making it crucial to plan ahead for childcare. At Ducklings, we’re prepared to discuss holiday hours and special programs, ensuring your child continues to receive the care they need. Additionally, planning allows you to schedule your holiday preparations and family time more effectively, reducing last-minute rushes and stress. Consider creating a backup plan, such as arranging alternative childcare options in case of unexpected schedule changes.

Communicate with your childcare team

Maintaining open communication with your childcare team at Ducklings can provide invaluable support during the holidays. We’re here to offer tips for keeping routines and to share details about special holiday activities for kids. Regular check-ins with us can also help address any concerns you might have about your child’s well-being during this busy season, ensuring a harmonious experience for both you and your child.

Maintain child’s routines as much as possible

Children thrive on routine, and maintaining it during the holidays can provide a sense of security and normalcy. While some disruption is inevitable, keeping vital elements of their routine, like bedtime and meal times, consistent can help children adjust more easily to the holiday excitement. Additionally, try to maintain other parts of their daily routine, such as reading time or playtime, to give them a sense of familiarity amidst the holiday chaos.

Create a Holiday Calendar

Creating a holiday calendar with your child, including daycare days and family activities, helps them understand and anticipate changes in their routine. This visual aid can be a fun activity to do together, and it helps children feel involved and prepared for upcoming events and changes. You can use stickers or drawings to mark special days, making the calendar engaging and educational.

Simplify Holiday Activities

Choosing manageable and enjoyable holiday activities is key to a stress-free season. Prioritize events that are meaningful to your family, keeping your child’s routine and energy levels in mind. Remember, saying no to certain invitations is okay if it means preserving your family’s peace and well-being. Instead, focus on quality over quantity when it comes to holiday events, choosing those that bring the most joy and least stress.