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Daycare Milestones Parents Should Know

It’s normal to worry about your child’s development, especially during the early years when so much is happening for the first time. While each child grows at their own pace, there are markers pediatricians suggest children should reach by a certain age. Dr. Ruth Letizia, a pediatrician with Banner Health Center in Mesa, AZ, stated,… Read More


Congratulations to Ducklings Early Learning Center Exton

A new daycare opened its doors in Exton, PA on Monday, January 17th. The brand-new, state-of-the-art childcare center focuses on educating and nurturing children through classroom models and learning plans designed with specific age groups in mind from infants to kindergarteners.  Ducklings Early Learning Center emphasizes learning through exploration and play to help children develop… Read More


New Years Routines for Your Child

New Year’s is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate with your little ones than to establish a New Year’s routine? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it’s all about making time to spend with one another and evolving together. You can create fun activities with your kids the whole family… Read More


The Benefits of Daycare for Children & Parents

Even if a reputable daycare center provides a welcome reprieve for working parents, it can still be difficult to consider dropping off little ones for the day. However, numerous studies have found children can receive long-term emotional, academic, and physical health benefits by attending high quality early learning programs. Here’s more information on the positive… Read More


Halloween-Inspired Crafts & Treats!

Searching for kid-friendly activities this Halloween? Go beyond decorating pumpkins and try something new with your little ones. Read on to explore tasty treats and simple, yet fun crafting ideas the whole family can enjoy. Spooky Snacks to Make With Your Kids From savory to sweet, here are some fun, kooky snacks to make with… Read More

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Keystone STARS 4 Daycare in Spring City, PA

Ducklings Early Learning Center – Spring City received a coveted Keystone STARS 4 certification. Keystone STARS (Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, and Supports) is Pennsylvania’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) under Pennsylvania’s Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL). The system focuses on assessing and improving the quality of education provided by an… Read More

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning During the Summer

Although the school year is over, summer offers opportunities to engage kids’ interests and imagination through intellectually stimulating activities. Planning structured activities and outings helps to maintain their focus, avoid summer learning loss, and expand on what they learned during the school year. By enrolling them in a safe, supportive environment that prioritizes childhood education,… Read More

Lifelong Benefits of Preschool

Back to School: Lifelong Benefits of Preschool

Everyone can agree high-quality preschool experiences are extremely beneficial for young children. Children attending these programs have greater academic gains and the socialization leads to stronger social and emotional skills (check out our October 12th blog post: The Value of Socialization). But, did you know these benefits actually stretch throughout the child’s lifetime? In October,… Read More

Tips for Reading with Children

Stepping Up Your Storytime: Tips for Reading with Children

Our theme this week is Children’s Literature and as our Ducks dive into all kinds of books, we thought we’d share some tips with parents. There are some simple strategies you can use to bring your story time from so-so to SUPER! The New York Times recently published an article entitled, “How to Tell a… Read More

Back to School 2021 COVID

Back to School: The Value of Socialization

It has been a strange and stressful few months for everyone but as families begin sending their children back to childcare and schools begin to reopen, we thought we’d shine a light on the value of school, even for our youngest learners. Back in July, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) made the case for… Read More

Brain Mind explanation for kids

Yes, Young Children Can Understand the Brain!

Describing the brain as “complex” is a true understatement. Understanding the structure and functions of the mind can even be a challenge for doctors and scientists. However, there are some basic concepts in brain science that can help humans with emotional regulation, social interactions, and learning. Young children are more than capable of grasping these… Read More