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The Benefits of Play-Based Learning

Play-based learning is a great way for kids to learn and develop mentally, emotionally, and physically. It allows them to explore, experiment, and learn in an engaging, fun way. Children can find joy in learning about the world through discovery over a more conventional education setting. In fact, research shows students who are exposed to… Read More


Congratulations to Ducklings Early Learning Center Exton

A new daycare opened its doors in Exton, PA on Monday, January 17th. The brand new, state-of-the-art childcare center focuses on educating and nurturing children through classroom models and learning plans designed with specific age groups in mind from infants to kindergarteners.  Ducklings Early Learning Center emphasizes learning through exploration and play to help children… Read More


The Benefits of Daycare for Children & Parents

Even if a reputable daycare center provides a welcome reprieve for working parents, it can still be difficult to consider dropping off little ones for the day. However, numerous studies have found children can receive long-term emotional, academic, and physical health benefits by attending high quality early learning programs. Here’s more information on the positive… Read More