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Outdoor Learning: Math

Outdoor Learning: Math

Times are strange and the lack of normalcy can be extremely challenging. Many parents are homeschooling their children and this can be a struggle for everyone involved. Our advice is don’t get too wrapped up in academics the way many of us know them- flash cards, worksheets, etc. Learning happens everywhere and in lots of different ways! Today, we’re going to share some fantastic ideas for outdoor math!

Math is everywhere, especially outside! The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) confirms, “The great outdoors is filled with rich opportunities for math learning—with a connection to science—that can interest and engage children in real-life problem solving.” Naturally occurring patterns, symmetry, colors and shapes can be found outside. Try some of our favorite outdoor math activities…

Outdoor Color Hunt

Outdoor Shape Hunt

Tally Chart

Counting with Nature

Sorting & Measuring with Nature

Outdoor Learning: Math

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Check back soon for outdoor science, language, creativity and more!