How Our Play-Based Curriculum Encourages Kids to Grow

Studies are showing that children learn more through play than through direct instruction. That makes sense because it’s easier to pay attention and be excited about something when it’s fun and engaging. At Ducklings Early Learning Centers, we acknowledge that children are not adults, and allowing them childhood joys is what we encourage. Wonder, exploration,… Read More

Children Developmental Milstones

Understanding Developmental Milestones

Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are all important milestones. Children are learning them every day whether they realize it or not. Each age has a set of milestones that are necessary for development, and it’s a good idea to make sure that your childcare center is fostering an environment that encourages these. Daycare-aged developmental… Read More


Why Play-based Learning Sets Up Your Child for Life

If you’re looking for daycare centers, you might be seeing the phrase “play-based learning” pop up. Play-based learning is a type of early childhood education based on child-focused learning and open-ended play. If you’re imagining preschoolers finger painting or ‘playing house’, you’re exactly right. This type of approach is incredibly beneficial for your child for… Read More


Halloween Preparation Guide

Every parent can use some inspiration for Halloween, especially when trick-or-treating with little ones. From themed snacks and movies to preparing costumes, it’s a fun, busy time for all celebrating families. To keep the holiday safe and upbeat, here are some top Halloween tips for families to follow. 1. Make Fun Costumes You don’t need… Read More


3 Ways to Help Kids to Nap at Daycare

Getting into a daycare nap routine can be challenging for families, but experienced daycare workers can help your child settle into a predictable routine to help them cope with the changes. This adjustment may take time, but caregivers can help children feel secure and confident in their surroundings. Below, we outline tips parents can use… Read More